The control room in Studio 1 contains a SSL 4000 E-series mixing console with 56 channels together with a G-series computer for fader automation and total recall. The main monitors are Quested Q412B’s. There are also Nearfield monitors like ADAM S3a, KRK E8B Exposé, Yamaha NS10, Auratone 5c, Genelec 1030 and others available upon request. In the outboard racks, there is a selection of classic analogue equipment. Compressors like Urei 1176/1178, LA2A, TubeTech CL1a, EMT or Valley, Filter from Manley, Helios or Siemens, as well as reverberators from Lexicon, EMT, Quantec or Yamaha. Recordings are made on two Studer A800 MKIII synced-48 track or ProTools 2018 System with 48 IN and 48 OUT.